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Protecting & painting timber Planters

wood paint for Timber planters

There are many beautiful and affordable timber planters that make a great addition to a garden. Thorndown Wood Paint is perfect for timber planters as it is a hard-wearing water-based eco paint designed for exterior use, and available in thousands of colours.

Love Your Weekend Planter

TV Carpenter Wayne Perrey joined Alan Titchmarsh on ITV’s Love Your Weekend to design and build a raised planter with seating.


Wayne made it with wood from pallets, gravel boards and old bits and pieces that he repurposed for detailing such as the framing around the planter sections.

He showed a really simple version which was basically four pieces of wood screwed together to create a square planter. This can be dropped on top of a lawn or existing bed and filled with compost.

If you’re getting wood from a DIY store or timber merchants he suggests asking the store to cut them down into the correct lengths as most stores are happy to do so.

He recommends using old wood such as scaffolding planks, pallet wood, gravel boards or decking boards as these are all treated in preservative chemicals to protect against rot.

Pallet wood and old bits of timber still need protecting against the elements with a good water-repellent exterior wood paint or stain to stop them from warping, staining and rotting. Wayne went for a sophisticated combination of Avalon Blue and Rock Rose Wood Paint to look striking in the garden and compliment planting.


If you didn’t see it you can watch on ITV player to see how Wayne made it and have a go yourself!

Extend Your Growing Space with Planters

Using planters is a great way to create a garden in limited spaces including courtyards and balconies, or to extend growing space in a garden.

I love using timber planters as the variety of designs available can suit every space and style. To protect them I always paint them with a couple of coats of Wood Paint which also gives you the opportunity to create splashes of colour and incorporate them into your garden design as attractive features.

My vegetable plot is a small space and quickly gets filled up so I used planters to extend it.

These Forest timber planters were painted with Avalon Blue, Ebbor Stone and Grey Heron, complimenting the planting and surrounding space. The large wide planter is painted in Axe Blue wood paint.

They’re also perfect for moving around to any place in the garden and changing the planting can completely change the mood.


Log Plant Surrounds

A great way of keeping continual colour in the garden is to have a series of plastic pots planted up for each season. In their downtime they can be screened off in a part of the garden you don’t see, or kept in a greenhouse until it’s their time to shine and they can be popped into the garden.

However plastic pots are pretty ugly so these plant surrounds made out of leftover log edging can be the perfect solution. Painting them with wood paint will not only greatly extend their life but add a more lovely colour to the garden.


This is another cheap and easy project as you’ll only need 2 x 150ml tins and it takes minutes to paint on each coat. Once dry pop them out in the garden and enjoy!



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