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Making Window Clings with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint

Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is a really versatile and fun paint to use. If you pour it and leave it to dry you can create durable window cling stickers that can be stuck on to glass windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, and even painted walls!


The image on the left was created by my youngest daughter when she was 7 years old. She poured Clear Peelable Glass Paint onto a circular plastic picnic plate, dropped some Ogre Orange and Wizard Yellow in, made a few swirls then left to dry. She has created a pretty beautiful and very simple piece of plate art that will last for many years and can be proudly displayed on a window with the sunlight shining through.

To create the other pieces the method is very similar and simple. Get a shiny vestibule such as a plastic or glass tray or plastic plates that you can use to pour the Peelable Glass Paint into.

Select what colour paint(s) you want to use and pour the paint(s) onto the tray or plate. Make sure it’s not too thin otherwise the coat of paint will split and crack as it dries, much like when you roller pastry too thinly and it splits.

Next you can use cookie cutters as shapes and just drop them on top of the paint, then put somewhere warm to dry. Don’t heat the paint too quickly but just leave to dry naturally. Time taken depends on how thickly you’ve poured the paint but it can take 2 days and over to fully dry. You don’t have to use cookie cutters and can just leave the paint to dry as a complete piece of art such as the clear plastic plate above, or when it’s dry you can cut out shapes with scissors or a craft knife.

Once it’s dried carefully cut around the edges of the cookie cutters and you’ve created your own window cling!


You can stick window clings on windows, mirrors, tiles and even painted walls – if the surface is shiny it will stick on, and you can remove it and stick it back on or somewhere else time and time again.


Here are some videos to help show you how easy it is to make window clings with Peelable Glass Paint.