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Making Christmas Decorations

Creating your own Christmas decorations is fun and easy with Thorndown Paints. It’s a lovely activity to do with kids or as a creative haven for yourself.

You can buy plastic or glass baubles and a great variety of wooden Christmas decorations online, then decorate and personalise them with leftover paint, craft tins or sample tins. 


With a bit of Peelable Glass Paint and 24 plastic baubles you can make an Advent Calendar that you can use for years and years. 

You can get fillable plastic baubles from craft shops and online stores. They’re made of durable plastic so can be used again and again, then can be recycled if they break or come to the end of their life.

We bought a variety of different sizes of baubles then laid them out on the table, sharing them out so the whole family had an equal amount to paint.


We then all had a great time painting numbers on one side of the bauble and a pattern on the other, with a mix of freehand designs and stencils from the Christmas Craft Pack. You can buy all of the Peelable Glass Paint colours in 40ml tins as it goes a long way so you don’t need that much. If you buy the Rainbow Pack you’ll save money on buying the 6x40ml tins of the rainbow, or 150ml tins for large jobs or group activities.

Peelable Glass Paint is water-based, non-toxic, low odour and with virtually no VOC so is a great paint to use. It’s made with a 100% recycled plastic resin which is a plus for the environment and for you as mistakes can be wiped away whilst wet and when the paint is dry,  you can just peel it off and paint on a fresh design.

You can fill the advent baubles with whatever you like. We all love chocolate so each had some chocolate popped in then the two sides of the bauble just click together.

The baubles were then strung in numerical order, although you can mix them up so the kids have to hunt for the right date, then the string was hung up across the kitchen window.

They look great, will last for years, and it’s nice that the whole family can enjoy the designs that everyone created, filled with chocolate and fun memories!

Painting Wooden Christmas Decorations

This is a great way to use leftover Wood Paint or you can buy 150ml sample tins and decorate to your hearts content! Your colour palette can be traditionally Christmassy or selected to tone in with your interior design, or just your favourite colours.

These wooden decorations were painted with Thorndown Swan White, Yew Green, Rowan Berry Red and Golden Somer Wood Paint. Thorndown Wood Paint is water-based with virtually no VOC or odour and can be used inside the home or outside, so you can decorate your trees and take Christmas into the garden. Exterior-grade colour pigments are used that are strong and last for many years.

A little wood paint goes a long way and for interior use you only need 1 coat so can paint an army of decorations to use throughout the house. Alternatively paint on two coats for full exterior protection and adorn trees and bushes in the garden with Christmas cheer.

Glastonbury Frost Fayre Christmas Tree Decorating Workshop

At the annual Frost Fayre in Glastonbury, Children’s World charity put on a day of events in the Town Hall for children of all ages to enjoy.

One of those events that we help to put on is a Christmas Tree decorating workshop. Tables are covered with wooden tree decorations, Thorndown Wood Paint in festive colours, brushes and biodegradable glitter for that added touch of sparkle.

Children can choose whatever decorations they like and spend as much time as they like, painting decorations for their home. It’s a great activity and such a fun, happy atmosphere where some amazing decorations are created.

Painting Baubles with Peelable Glass Paint

Old chipped or faded baubles can be spruced up with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint, or buy glass or cheaper plastic baubles online and decorate them with your own designs.

Peelable Glass Paint is water-based, non-toxic, virtually VOC free and low in odour making it a great paint to work with. Although it is durable and can last years, if you want it to just be a short, temporary fixture then you can peel it off to remove it once Christmas is done!

All of these baubles were made in a glass painting workshop and show a great variety of designs and application techniques. Simple spots or snowflakes can be beautifully effective, or you can splatter different colours on and release your inner Jackson Pollock!

This talented lady hand painted a beautiful bauble designed on a Christmas story with bullfinches, advent candles and a cheeky squirrel.

Get crafty this Christmas and see what you can create with a splash of paint.