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Painting Levi's Shop Window

Lucy Paints Levi’s

When we saw an order come in from Lucy Tiffney for some Peelable Glass Paint we got quite excited. She is a very talented artist and designer with a great reputation and successful range of products for the home. Check out her website and Instagram account and prepare to be blown away!

Turned out that Lucy was painting a mural design on the shop window of Levi’s Soho store in London to promote their sustainability campaign.

We were delighted that Lucy had selected Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint for this project, especially as the sustainability credentials for Thorndown sit so nicely with this campaign by Levi’s UK and Haines.

Sustainability with Peelable Glass Paint

At the heart of Thorndown is a commitment to doing the best for the environment and people. The factory is based in Glastonbury, Somerset and all raw materials that go into Thorndown Paints are selected as they are the best available for the environment and performance.

Peelable Glass Paint has great eco-credentials as it is made with a 100% recycled plastics resin, using the old safety film from car windows that were originally destined for landfill.

The paint is water-based with virtually no VOC (volatile organic compounds that can lead to pollutants in the air) or odour so is good for people and the environment. It can be used externally or internally and uses VOC free colour pigments that stay strong and true for many years.

It is designed so that you can peel the paint coating away when you want to remove it and old coatings can be returned to the factory for recycling/repurposing into building materials. Or if you like it then just leave it on and it will create a very durable coating.

Thorndown paints are built to last and the wood paint makes timber last forever (nearly) cutting down on the need to harvest timber and create more new products.

We use FSC cardboard for our boxes which is fully recyclable, starch packaging which is compostable, metal tins which are fully recyclable, and have a policy of producing zero landfill – all of our waste is either recycled, re-used or the small amount that can’t be is burnt and converted into power. We also use green energy in our factory.

We make our paints in our factory in Somerset rather than using factories spread all over the world, employing local people, using companies that are UK based or as local as possible wherever possible, and cutting down on unnecessary shipping and carbon footprint stomping action.

Another great use for Peelable Glass Paint is decorating old glass or plastic jars and bottles so they can be used for something else such as storage, vases, tea light holders and anything else you can think of.

An easy way of creating a second life for a product rather than sending it for recycling and making gifs and household items for barely any cost.

Lucy Paints with Peelable Glass Paint

Lucy used a selection of colours from the range, mixing some together to paint her design on the window of Levi’s Haus Store on Great Marlborough Street in London.

For art work Peelable Glass Paint can be applied by brush and there are 14 translucent and 24 opaque colours to choose from. All of the paint colours can be easily mixed together to create any colour and shade or hue.

Lucy painted on freehand and created a stunning piece of art in her trademark style.

Sustainability Campaign

The campaign is a collaboration between Levi’s UK and the Haines Collection, highlighting the need to shift from a consumerist throw-away society to one with a more sustainable approach. 

Levi’s denim products were always designed to be hard-wearing and last for years but the fashion industry became a bit lost in a world that was driven by change with clothes being worn for a season before being disposed of for the next and newest designs.

With this campaign they will be encouraging customers to re-use and re-purpose and their collaboration with Haines Collection (pioneers in reducing waste in the Interiors industry) provides a great opportunity for garments to be re-imagined for a brand new lease of life.

Haines Collection shares details of how to get involved below.

“First choose your upcycled Levi’s jeans or jacket (or bring your own if you have one!) and then add on a rescued remnant fabric from one of our six designers @ottolinedevries @lucytiffney @mollymahonblockprinting @fannyshorter @korlahome and @lelievreparis 

Change the buttons, the Levi’s patch – anything is possible!

All available until 16 August in the Levi’s Haus London Store – 41 Great Marlborough Street, London.”

If you can’t make it to the London store you can contact them and order over the phone. Amazingly the whole store was fitted out with up-cycled and recycled materials from old stores!

Pictured below is Lucy’s completed window mural and on the right is Lucy Tiffney with fellow designer Ottoline Devries and Jules Haines in the centre.

We are delighted to play a part in this project and would like to wish all involved the best of luck with such a great campaign!