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Love Your Weekend

The wonderful TV Carpenter Wayne Perrey is known for his carpentry skills and DIY knowledge, and along with creating many incredible bespoke pieces of carpentry for private clients, he also makes many TV appearances and is the creator and presenter of the hugely successful TV Carpenter Podcast.

He has become a regular contributor on ITV’s Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, imparting his advice and showing us how to create some fabulous looking items for the home and garden.

In October Wayne demonstrated how to make a bird table from scratch with gravel board timber, a fairly affordable material that is already treated with preservatives to protect against rot. He made it look so straightforward and quite an uncomplicated structure that looked great.

He also showed how to make a far simpler bird feeder with only 3 cut pieces of gravel board and 3 empty food tins, which he had cleaned and painted with Thorndown Wood Paint, trimming them with copper tape. Thorndown Wood Paint adheres to metal and is specifically engineered for exterior use to withstand the elements. 

Re-using old metal tins is a great way to save waste and painted in Avalon Blue, Bishop Blue and Grey Heron, they looked really smart. Painting the wood sections with wood paint will also protect them from weather damage and you can paint in a colour to match the tins or UV Clear to keep the natural timber look. The garden birds will be well fed and the feeders will look very attractive in the garden all year round.

To find out how to make these you can sign up to Wayne’s worksheets.

In January 2021 he made two appearances, one of which was to show viewers how to create stunning pieces of garden art for very little money. Wayne made some metal garden sculptures out of old metal barrel rings, fixing them in place with a rivet gun after drilling holes. The blue one was painted in Thorndown Bishop Blue Wood Paint and has been in Wayne’s garden since he painted it during a garden makeover a few years ago!

His other brilliant idea was to drill holes through a fence panel and pop kid’s marbles in the holes. When the light shines through them the rays burst out of the coloured glass and dance around the garden. Brilliantly effective and incredibly cheap and easy to do. The panel was painted in Cavepool Grey Wood Paint, contrasting beautifully with the glittering glass.

Wayne was also back for an item on vertical planting, creating a piece painted in our Swan White Wood Paint for David Domoney to demonstrate along with a variety of vertical planting ideas, and showed Alan how to make one, this time using Ash Wood Paint for a natural wood finish.

Wayne showed how to fix gravel boarding to fencing, creating a vertical planter to make boundaries more attractive and expand on growing space. Alan and Wayne discussed the importance of using a good eco-friendly wood paint to protect the timber and stop it from rotting, one just like Thorndown Wood Paint!

If you didn’t see it you can watch Wayne demonstrating how to make them in this video clip from the show.

His first appearance was in November 2020 when he joined Alan Titchmarsh to design and build an impressive raised planter with seating.

Wayne made it with wood from pallets, gravel boards and old bits and pieces that he repurposed for detailing such as the framing around the planter sections.

He showed a really simple version which was basically four pieces of wood screwed together to create a square planter. This can be dropped on top of a lawn or existing bed and filled with compost.

If you’re getting wood from a DIY store or timber merchants he suggests asking the store to cut them down into the correct lengths as most stores are happy to do so.

He recommends using old wood such as scaffolding planks, pallet wood, gravel boards or decking boards as these are all treated in preservative chemicals to protect against rot.

Pallet wood and old bits of timber still need protecting against the elements with a good water-repellent exterior wood paint or stain to stop them from warping, staining and rotting. Wayne went for a sophisticated combination of Avalon Blue and Rock Rose Wood Paint to look striking in the garden and compliment planting.

If you didn’t see it you can watch on ITV player to see how Wayne made it and have a go yourself!