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Interior Woodwork

Heavenly Hallway with Thorndown Wood Paint

TV Carpenter Wayne Perrey transformed his hallway into an elegant and sophisticated entrance using Thorndown’s Wood Paint on all of the interior woodwork.

The hallway was a fairly blank space that really needed some style and personality injecting into it. They wanted a lush, warm, and slightly theatrical opulent feel that would welcome and excite.

Wayne prepped the walls and built panelling to split the space and provide for two colours. With high ceilings this is a great way to further extend the illusion of space. Painting a dark colour on the bottom section not only makes the space seem even taller but provides a practical surface in a hallway where the lower section of an entrance can tend to get more battered with lighter colours often showing up any damage far more than a darker colour that can help to hide it

Wayne had a sneak preview of colours in the new Somerset Heritage Colour Collection and he and his wife tried out five of their favourites. When selecting a colour it is so important to see them in situ as the surroundings can really affect how they look and how you see them. I think this is even more true when dealing with interiors as lighting can really affect the hue and resonance of a colour.

Brue Blue was their favourite until they realised that much of the rest of their home was painted that same shade. Avalon Blue was a very popular choice with Wayne’s Instagram followers and became their favourite to compliment the rest of their decor, creating a strong statement drawing you into the colour palette of neighbouring rooms.

They decided that the tiles would look too busy in a narrow hallway and instead kept to the traditional beauty of wood panelling. Wayne painted on three coats of Avalon Blue Wood Paint to make it really hard wearing but also to give it a really intense depth of colour. He painted it on the wood panelling, skirting boards, door frames, window frames and doors.

With the advice of an interior designer friend, they chose to pair the deep, smoky, blue with a soft, warm chalky pink. A very elegant pairing that compliment each other well adding a pretty contrast to the space. Adding bronze accessories to the scheme as in the light fitting, adds to the warmth and softens it further.

When the light is on you see the warmth of the space reflecting in the Avalon Blue woodwork. In natural daylight the deep, dark, mystical Avalon Blue draws you in and through the hallway. The blue, stone and coral patterns in the oriental style rug compliments the scheme and adds textural warmth to the space.

Wayne also created a long mirror to add reflective light to the corridor and provide a practical space for post and bits’n’ bobs. Inspired by the rattan work he’d been doing on interior design jobs, Wayne made a framed rattan panel to fit above the door, covering the old wire glass panel. These finishing touches add texture, light and lovely design elements that raise the appeal of the hallway and make the whole journey even more attractive.

You can pick up some great design tips and tricks on the use of colours and accessories from Wayne’s TV Carpenter Podcast series where he has interviewed many top interior designers. Give it a listen and head online for more practical DIY tips with the DIY Doers on their YouTube channel and Facebook group.