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Grow Your Own Extra Space – Using Timber Planters to Extend Your Plot

Growing your own fruit and veg is a great way to put food on your table, and create a beautiful space for you to enjoy. Mixing flowers with veg is a traditional way of companion planting to aid pollination, reduce pests, and make a vegetable plot even prettier.

If you’re limited to space then complimenting your borders and beds with planters is a great way to extend your growing space.


My raised beds provide the perfect space for growing veg with apple trees adding height for climbers such as beans to grow up in. However the beds can fill up very quickly. Adding planters has given me a lot more growing space and they have the added advantage of being movable, so when the growing season is over you can move them into another part of the garden and plant up for winter flowers instead.

I used a collection of Forest Slender Planters and a square planter as an extension to the end of the top bed leading on to the drive. Each planter can hold a large volume of compost making them perfect for growing veg, especially those that are a bit greedy.


They were really easy to assemble and come with a lining to help protect the timber and keep the compost and moisture in. Before putting the lining in I painted two coats of Thorndown Wood Paint on them to protect the timber against the weather and rot. Now they’ll sit pretty for many years and will be the perfect planters for fresh veg for the kitchen.

The planters are painted in Ebbor Stone, Grey Heron and Avalon Blue, complimenting the fence painted in Brue Blue and wall in Meadowsweet Cream. As well as being practical they have created an attractive border to the drive and set off the planting beautifully. As the plants grow and tumble over the sides they’ll just look even more lovely.

With all of my young plants now happy in their new homes the remaining sun loving plants are left to grow in the greenhouses giving more space for fresh veg!