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Easter Stencil Craft Pack

Easter Stencil Craft Pack with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint

Easter is a wonderful occasion that celebrates re-birth, spring, and of course is packed with sweet chocolate treats. Decorating windows in shops or the home can be done easily with Thorndown’s Easter Stencil Craft Pack.

The Easter Stencil Craft Pack contains 6 Easter themed stencils of a bunny, chick, cross, daffodil, egg and lamb, along with an art brush and 4 x 40ml craft tins of Peelable Glass Paint in Cathedral GreenGriffin GoldSkylark Blue and Swan White.

Create personalised gifts for friends and family with the Easter stencils and Peelable Glass Paint. You can also make tea lights and vases out of old glass jars, or re-use old plastic pots.

Why not decorate a plastic plant pot giving it an Easter theme with some spring bulbs planted up?! These make great decorative items or gifts as an alternative to sugary things.

You can use these stencils and Peelable Glass Paint to create whole scenes on windows or individual items for an Easter table or add to an Easter egg hunt.

The spring themed tea light holders were made with old glass jars and painted freehand. Cathedral Green was used to paint on a band of grass to the bottoms with shoots sticking up in forms and mounds. Birds were painted on with Skylark Blue and Swan White to create winged silhouettes swooping in a spring sky. A simple and effective decoration that looks alive with a flickering candle inside.

Old plastic plant pots were transformed into Easter gifts by painting on the lamb and bunny stencils with Swan White. Peelable Glass Paint will stick on any shiny surface including plastics. Spring bulbs of crocus and muscari (grape hyacinths) were planted up making a great Easter gift to make a nice change from chocolate, or to keep yourself as a living decoration.

A couple of old glass sauce bottles were used for the vases. The daffodil stencil looks beautifully elegant painted in Griffin Gold and Cathedral Green, making the perfect scene for fresh tulips.

The lantern was given a facelift with the simple cross design painted in Griffin Gold, looking warm and full of life with a nice thick candle glowing inside.

These Easter treat jars make a great personalised gift. Buy chocolate eggs, marshmallows or any other preferred treat in big bags, get your old clean glass jars out and decorate using the Easter stencils and glass paints. The Lamb jar has a grassy field edge around the bottom painted with Cathedral Green, with the lamb stencil painted in Swan White.

The egg design is nice and simple painted in Cathedral Green and Skylark Blue. Once dry, spots were painted on for decorative effect and the jars were filled with a variety of chocolate eggs.

Old coffee jars were used for the marshmallow treats with Cathedral Green back drops painted on the curved bottom before the chick and bunny stencils were painted on in Griffin Gold and Swan White.

Peelable Glass Paint dries into a hard-wearing water-repellent coating so if you like the designs and decorations, leave them on and they’ll last for years. Pack them away after Easter and bring them out again every year to decorate your home.

If you want to remove the decorations from a window or refresh with a new design then just peel away the Peelable Glass Paint!

Easter Egg Hunt

These Easter egg decorations started life as bath bomb moulds and were transformed with a little bit of Peelable Glass Paint. Simple spots and stripes were painted on by hand. The flowers were painted on with dots as the outer petals and a dot in a contrasting colour painted in the centre. Add some twine or string to hang these eggs outside to decorate an Easter egg hunt inside the home or out in the garden.

I used them as part of an Easter egg hunt that trailed around the garden and ended up in the greenhouse that was decorated with stencils, vases, a lantern, jars full of treats and the obligatory chocolate Easter eggs. The whole hunt was great fun decorating and preparing for, turning it into  a magical adventure for the young ones.

Peelable Glass Paint is a great paint for all ages to craft with. It’s water-based, non-toxic, low odour and virtually VOC free, but best of all, it’s made with a 100% recycled plastic resin making the coating peelable. When you’ve finished with the painted design you can peel it off and send back old coatings to our factory in Glastonbury where we will get it recycled or reused. Or if you like it the coating is also really durable and water-repellent so you can leave it on for years and years, inside or out.

This Easter Window was created by using a small paint roller for the rolling hills. Some leftover Moorland Green was used for the distant hills. These were painted on the outside of the window so I didn’t have to wait for the paint to dry to paint on the stencils.

Next I painted the stencils using an old washing-up sponge on some and the art brush on others. Sponging is a great way to quickly and neatly paint a lot of stencils. You only need a tiny amount of paint on the sponge otherwise it will drip and smudge under the stencil. You can use the brush to put paint onto the sponge and control the amount that goes on there. It’s also a great way to use up old washing-up sponges rather than throwing them in the bin. Wash them out afterwards and you can use them again and again for years and years.

The clouds were made using an old bath sponge. Dab on circles of paint then use the sponge to soften and blur them giving them a soft floaty look. During the day the sunlight shines through and at night the paint looks solid and striking.

Watch this short video to see how quick and easy it is to create a window scene with Peelable Glass Paint and the Easter Stencil Craft Pack.

With six stencils and four paint colours you can create some fantastic gifts, decorations and Easter designs!