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Painting with Love

Spreading Love with Peelable Glass Paint

In the immortal words of Marti Pellow, “Love is all around us”, or it could be with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint Love Stencil Craft Pack. This pack was created with Valentine’s Day in mind but as love is for every day of the year, the ‘Love Stencil Craft Pack’ was born.

This romantic scene was created using the Peelable Glass Paint Love Stencil Craft Pack. The pack contains an art brush, 5 love themed stencils (cupid, hearts, joined hearts, rose and the word Love) and 4 x 40ml Peelable Glass Paint tins in Bath Cream, Dragon Red, Purple Puffin and Wispy Willow.

An old vase stained by being put through the dishwasher too many times was rejuvenated by painting the attractive rose stencil on with Dragon Red and Wispy Willow, building up a couple of coats to increase the opacity. Old candle glasses were cleaned out and painted with love hearts turning them into tipple jars. The glass panels on the lantern were painted in different stencils creating a light surrounded by love.

Old glass jam jars were painted and re-purposed into treat jars filled with chocolates or tea light holders. I bought some bath bomb moulds online and painted them with peelable glass paint to hang as decorations, but these could also be filled with treats.

An old presentation box was painted with Bath Cream Wood Paint then the cupid and love stencils painted onto the perspex window.

An old gin bottle was painted with the rose stencil and bottle string lights put inside to create an attractive decoration for Valentine and all year round. All of these decorative items were made using old items hanging around the house or destined for recycling, a great way to re-purpose and reuse.

Peelable Glass Paint is water-based and made using VOC free colour pigments and a 100% recycled plastic resin, so its eco-credentials are pretty good! When you want to remove the paint coating you can just peel it off and send any old coatings back to the factory in Glastonbury where they will be recycled.

You can also use the stencils to create decorative features with Wood Paint. These boxes were painted with wood paint and left to dry before painting on Love stencils to make beautiful gift boxes.

A really simple and cheap way to make gifts or decorative items for the home.

These added beautifully to the romantic table setting with old dried roses and petals scattered around amidst wooden love hearts, also painted with Thorndown Wood Paint.