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Bathroom Makeover

Elegance And Functionality With Water-Repellent Wood Paint

Bathroom wood needs a high-quality water-repellent wood paint to deal with the daily punishment of use, water spills and excessive humidity from hot baths or showers.

Thorndown Wood Paint is the perfect wood paint for bathrooms as it’s water-based, low in odour, has minimal VOC and is designed to create a highly water-repellent wood paint coating that looks good and is durable. As the coating is so hard-wearing you can clean it without damaging the paint coating and it will still look great for many years.

The old paint on the wood panelling in this bathroom was sanded back and woodwork given a good clean or slight sanding where required. From a worn and tired bathroom an elegant and sophisticated scheme transformed the space into a modern, stylish and relaxing design. Thorndown Wood Paint Cavepool Grey was painted on wood panelling, cupboard doors, wall shelving and even the loo seat!

To maintain the fresh, elegant feel, pure Swan White wood paint was painted on the mirror frame, door & door frame and window surrounds, including the old uPVC window frame. The Wood Paint adheres brilliantly to uPVC meaning that you can paint it the same colour as woodwork. The slight paint brush strokes that you see in the painted surface also makes it look more like wood too.

The bathroom door was also given a facelift by painting the door knob and door edge in Cavepool Grey, and adding a cheeky Ed Roth anchor stencil in Cavepool Grey over the Swan White. This little touch adds some humour, interest and a nice little design element to the space.

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