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How and When to Shade Your Greenhouse
Greenhouse shading Peelable Glass Paint Thorndown

Greenhouse Shading

It’s that time of year when all us gardeners and growers get excited and fill our greenhouses with seed trays and pots, then eagerly watch our seeds to see if they’ve germinated and will sprout into nice healthy little seedlings.

Our minds will start to turn to greenhouse shading so we’ve put together some helpful tips and advice on how and when to shade your greenhouse using our Peelable Glass Paint.

Peelable Glass Paint is a great way of shading your greenhouse and is easy to apply and remove. It’s water-based with virtually no VOC and is made with a 100% recycled plastic resin.

It’s also available in 24 opaque and 14 translucent colours so there’s plenty of choice, and you can use Stencil Craft Packs to add decoration too.

But beware of the spring weather as it can cause challenges for painting externally!

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