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Natural Looking Wood Paint for Timber Sheds & buildings

The Natural Look

Thorndown Wood Paint is designed for exterior use and along with thousands of colours there is also a range of UV Clear and natural wood tones, making it a great wood paint for timber sheds and buildings.

These timber garden buildings from Garden Affairs perfectly demonstrate how to make your shed or garden building, a natural part of the landscape.

Painting a timber shed shed green helps it nestle into the natural landscape and become part of the garden. This gorgeous shed from Garden Affairs is painted with our Sedge Green Wood Paint.

Although its use is a functional workshop the exterior doesn’t have to be dull. Painting the timber in this fresh, natural green tone helps the building become one with the boundary and provides a beautiful back drop to soft country-cottage planting.

New timber buildings often have some kind of pre-treatment that may have preservative chemicals in it to protect against rot and fungi. However, these pre-treatments will not protect your building against the weather. Rain soaks into the timber distorting it and also is the main cause for rot. Painting your lovely new timber building with a high-performing wood paint such as ours will protect your building and keep it looking amazing for decades.

Natural Wood Tones

Chris had this dream garage and workshop by Garden Affairs, built at his new home that sits in the midst of the Wiltshire landscape. He wanted it to become part of the surrounding countryside so elected to have his timber building painted in one of natural wood paint colour. He tried a few sample tins and painted them up in situ so he and his wife could assess exactly what colour worked best for them.

They chose the beautifully warm and natural tone Thorndown Ash Wood Paint. Originally they were set on Hazel Wood Paint, another beautifully natural wood tone, but after painting up 4 different choices, Ash became the winner. This translucent wood paint soaks into timber and builds up a coat that is hard-wearing, water-repellent, and protects the natural beauty of the wood for up to 10 years.

Translucent wood paints behave differently to coloured wood paints so the application technique has to be adapted. Wayne Perrey from DIY Doers compared them to a tanning lotion, which brilliantly encapsulates how you need to work with them. Just like a tanning lotion you only need to apply a small amount at a time and work it well into the surface to create a nice even tone and avoid blotches of strong colour.

Chris also used Blackdown Wood Paint to match his door and window frames, and painted UV Clear Wood Paint on the timber walls of his small bathroom he built inside the workshop/garage, where he will be spending many happy hours.