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Paint Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’ve got some leftover Wood Paint then a great way to use it is to paint your own Christmas tree decorations.

It’s a fun crafting activity for kids, families and all ages. You can get wooden tree decorations fairly cheaply from craft stores and online, and they come in a great variety of shapes and designs.

We got a selection of baubles, Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes, snowmen and stars, then painted them with Golden Somer, Rowan Berry Red, Swan White and Yew Green.

Baubles were turned into Christmas puddings and reindeers decorated with a shiny red nose for Rudolph.

You can let your imagination run wild and blend paint colours together for decorative effect.

We hung them on our outdoors Christmas tree that sits outside our kitchen window, bringing festive cheer to meals and the garden. As Thorndown Wood Paint is engineered for exterior use, the wooden decorations won’t suffer from being left outside in wintry wet weather.

We even used Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint and the Christmas stencils to decorate the red bucket, making it even more fun and festive! ????

For more ideas on painting your own decorations, follow this link to our Projects area.