• Thorndown Glass Paint_750_Clear Clear-Peelable-Glass-Paint
    A translucent clear glass paint. Thorndown’s revolutionary water-based Clear Peelable Glass Paint is made from a resin using 100% recycled plastics. It is non-toxic, virtually V.O.C. free (Volatile Organic Compounds 0.05%) and halogen free with a low carbon foot print. Paint it on - Peel it off!
  • Thorndown_UVClear Wood Paint_2500 Thorndown-UVClear

    Pure clear wood paint with UV protection that is totally transparent to show the full beauty of the grain.

    High performing exterior and interior eco wood paint with minimal V.O.C.s.

    A pure clear protecting timber from UV and anything else nature and you can throw at it.

    This wood paint is suitable for any application inside or outside.