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Made by Michelle

Made By Michele

This gorgeous gift company started life as a hobby for Michele as she made these attractive gifts for family and friends. As word got out and people saw images on Facebook and Instagram, Michele had more and more requests to make these gift crates.

Michele says about Thorndown Wood Paint “I really do love your paints & I’m so happy I found you!  I’m passionate about my product & the service I give & I won’t compromise on quality. Your paints have the most amazing finish,  the colours are the best & are super quick drying. The tester size pots for small  jobs are just great, they’re generous in size & really go a long way! (& I can get a brush in….great plus!!) Your service has always been fast friendly & efficient.”

Initially Michele hand painted all of the copy but now gets a local printer to produce the lettering giving consistently professional results.

It makes us really proud and happy to be working with such talented people producing beautiful items, and delighted that professionals love our paints us much as we do.

Below is a selection of gift crates Michele has made. You can see more on Michele’s Facebook and Instagram pages.