Don’t Stone the Crows!

Don’t Stone the Crows!

Crow Woes

Birds bring great delight and are a vital part of our world, but sometimes they can be a bit of a nuisance. Susan called us after being plagued by crows attacking her windows and found that Peelable Glass Paint was the perfect solution to her woes.

A customer called having experienced increasingly aggressive behaviour from crows attacking their house windows.  The behaviour was disruptive (mess, being woken with the noise etc.) and various attempts to stop them had proved unsuccessful. They were at the stage of seriously considering having them destroyed.

Fortunately they stumbled across Thorndowns website and following a constructive conversation with an advisor, purchased opaque peelable paint. They slapped it onto the lower window panes as the crows had been targeting them by sitting on the exterior windowsill and attacking the glass from there.

The solution was instant and the crows have not returned since the Limestone Peelable Glass Paint was put on! It has been a comprehensive, simple and attractive solution. The crows are no longer troubled by their reflections and are now living in peaceful harmony.

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